Technical and Policy compliance

Support and assistance for compliance to standards, regulations, rules and policies of products, mobile units, installations, etc. We support the industry stakeholders in proposing new standards, and facilitating the standardization and regulatory processes

Conferences, Seminars, Training, Workshops

We participate of Industry Conferences as speakers, prepare conference programs, contact potential speakers, organize seminars, workshops and training courses with leading industry experts.

Business Opportunities, new markets and products

Gas Mobility is an expanding market. We have been creating new opportunities and markets since 1984. Our global network allows us to find opportunities and business partners for new products and applications around the world.

Since 1993

Gas Mobility for a better World

The world has finally understood that transportation is affecting air quality, and consequently affecting lives. There is an urgent need for a change in the way we transport people and goods. Gaseous fuels are a real and fast solution.

GGM is a new firm founded and led by Diego Goldin, who is an industry specialist with more than 30 years of experience in the Industry. We haveĀ  other experts with similar experience in all the fields of this expanding activity, ready to lead the change.

We have organized events, conferences, workshops, assisted major stakeholders in developing and certifying new products, we advise governments that wish to develop new programs, prepare global statistics, assist Industry Associations. We also provide support and expertise in standardization and certification.


The case for Global Gas Mobility

GGM facilitates the process of policy making for long-term programs that can enable a clean transportation that will contribute to improving the quality of life around the world