Colombian Gas Companies give discount certificates for corporate fleet Natural Gas conversions

Naturgas,  the Colombian industrial association of the Natural Gas sector informed that several member companies (Promigas, Transmetano, Ecopetrol y TGI, Surtigas, Gases de Occidente, Vanti, EPM, Gases del Caribe y Efigas) reached an agreement to offer discount certificates, for the conversion to natural gas of vehicles belonging to corporate fleets throughout the country. The discount amount of the certificates start at 2 million pesos (500 USD).

Vehicles running on natural gas contribute to improving air quality, as they reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and monoxide by approximately 20%, as well as particulate matter by about 100%. Another of the great benefits of NG is the reduction of operating costs, since it allows savings between 30% and 50% in fuel consumption. This increases the competitiveness for the companies with cleaner and cheaper fuel.

"More and more Colombians are choosing natural gas for its benefits. 622 thousand vehicles have been converted to NGV in recent years and on our streets and roads there are more than 3,000 dedicated vehicles that includes transport of passengers, trucks, tractor-trailers and dump trucks", explained Andrés Sarmiento Grisales, president in charge of Naturgas.

Companies that want to convert their vehicles will have the guarantees for the components of the conversion kit, as well as the calibrations of the conversion system to vehicular natural gas. This has  been defined within the collaboration agreements between the conversion centers, dealer network and / or vehicle manufacturing brands.There will also be training  for the drivers, through the conversion center or the technical management staff of the distribution companies, on the environmental benefits of NGV, safety conditions, supply and recommendations to maximize the performance and autonomy of the fuel.

Source: Naturgas

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