Sachs Trans International adds 150 IVECO S-Way NP LNG

IVECO Poland has just signed a contract for the delivery of another 150 IVECO S-WAY LNG tractor units for Sachs Trans International. The cars are equipped with 460 hp power units and run on liquefied natural gas (LNG).

One of the largest logistics operators in Poland - Sachs Trans International - has been focusing on ecological solutions in transport for several years; the first LNG truck was purchased three years ago (see story here) and now 30% of the fleet runs on LNG already. It is a dominant factor that means that the carrier has only the latest technologically advanced vehicles in its fleet. The IVECO brand and its flagship IVECO S-WAY LNG model fit perfectly into the carrier's business model. It is worth emphasizing that IVECO Poland and Sachs Trans have a long history of cooperation, which resulted in another large contract.

The ceremonial signing of the contract was an opportunity for the parties to the contract to meet. IVECO Poland was represented by: Daniel Wolszczak - General Manager, Przemysław Mrugalski - Direct Sales Manager, Jacek Jacko - Key Account Manager. Sachs Trans International was represented by: Marek Sachs - President of the Management Board, Alina Sachs - Vice President of the Management Board, Dawid Sachs - Member of the Management Board, Klaudia Sachs-Gielza - Member of the Management Board and Marcin Sachs - Member of the Management Board. 

 “Sachs Trans International was one of the first transport companies to see great potential in the use of natural gas vehicles. Another contract for the supply of IVECO S-WAY LNG trucks proves that our trucks are perfect for the customer's fleet and that we, as IVECO Poland, fully meet the expectations of large carriers. The pro-ecological awareness of the business conducted at Sachs Trans International is evidenced by the fact that the company has over 400 new trucks in its fleet, and a large part of them are vehicles powered by natural gas. An additional advantage of IVECO's offer is the economic factor. IVECO S-WAY LNG is characterized by low fuel consumption, and the journeys of natural gas-powered trucks on the roads of Germany are rewarded with road toll exemptions. "- said Daniel Wolszczak, General Manager of IVECO Poland Sp. z o. o

IVECO S-WAY LNG is currently the only LNG-powered truck with a long-distance range of up to 1,600 km. The 460 HP engine power allows the truck to fully use its potential to transport even the heaviest loads, and the Hi-TroniX twelve-speed automatic gearbox makes it comfortable and economical to drive.

Sachs Trans International chose comfortable high-roof cabins, 2 × 440 l LNG tanks (2 × 160 kg gas), Alcoa aluminum wheels, Full LED package - all LED lights and the Driving Comfort Plus package. In addition, IVECO S-WAY cars will be equipped with the HI-CRUISE predictive driving system, the ECO-ROLL descending drive function, Rocking Mode (the function of releasing the vehicle in a muddy terrain), the stabilization system (ESP / EVSC), Hill Holder - the system Hill Start Assist, ACC, hydraulic retarder, Driving Style Assessment (DSE) and Driver Alertness Assist (DAS) as well as LDWS EC Lane Departure Warning.

Under the agreement, all vehicles will be covered by an M&R (2XL) service contract, and drivers will undergo basic vehicle operation training conducted by the IVECO Driving Academy. Leasing will be the form of financing the contract.

“ We are a responsible transport company, so we pay special attention to ecological aspects. Every day we are more and more aware of the importance of caring for the natural environment, which is why in 2019 we decided to invest in the first vehicles powered by liquefied natural gas and we did not stop there. The new, responsible investment in LNG tractors will allow our company to contribute to supporting low-emission transport and will be a benchmark for our partners and other carriers. It is also important to us that IVECO trucks are available in the Low Tractor version. The use of this type of vehicles with mega-type semi-trailers allows for a loading height of 3 m inside the trailer, while maintaining the maximum vehicle height permitted by law, i.e. 4 m. This solution is used, among others, in transport for the automotive and household appliances industry. Thanks to IVECO, we are universal for the customer - we can take heavy and bulky loads. We are satisfied with the cooperation with IVECO Poland, because we have a guarantee of the highest quality of service, high flexibility in vehicle configuration and preferential purchase conditions "- said Marek Sachs, President of the Management Board of Sachs Trans International Sp. Z oo

Transport services are a responsible branch of the economy, which is why Sachs Trans International regularly expands its fleet with new LNG-powered trucks. At present, they are the most ecological solution in road transport. Sachs Trans International is the fastest growing company in Poland in terms of the number and pace of introducing low-emission vehicles in the fleet. The current investment in 150 IVECO S-WAY LNG units gives the company the position of the undisputed leader.

The possibilities offered by the use of gas-powered vehicles are very large, and one of the basic factors determining the expansion of the Sachs Trans fleet was the economic aspect and the associated reduced fuel consumption costs and the exemption from MAUT tolls. The purchase decision was also motivated by the prospect of expanding transport tasks on roads subject to restrictive regulations for heavy goods vehicles. Economic benefits are one of the many advantages, but most of all they are a tribute to the environment - trucks powered by LNG have much lower CO 2 emissions, which contributes to the improvement of air quality and is characterized by much quieter operation compared to diesel units. This, in turn, translates into greater comfort for the driver and people in the vicinity.

Source: IVECO Poland - Sachs Trans International

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