Peter Appel Transport in Middenmeer recently received the first Volvo FH LNG truck of a series of six. The trucks are supplied by Volvo Trucks Nederland. Peter Appel Transport opted for six Volvo FH LNG 4×2 tractors with 420 hp engine power. Peter Appel Transport specializes in network transport and contract distribution throughout the Netherlands. From 40 locations across the country, the transport company provides sustainable, efficient and safe transport of food and non-food products. Clients are mainly retailers, producers and food service companies.

The new Volvo LNG tractors are used for transport to and from AH distribution centers from the Peter Appel Transport site in Geldermalsen. “We are constantly looking to the future”, says fleet manager Marcel Pater about the step to LNG. “We closely follow technical developments and are not afraid to experiment with this in cooperation with manufacturers and clients. We are all on a voyage of discovery to see what a possible alternative to diesel is. This is now LNG for longer distances. We are discussing the delivery of another 20 LNG tractors in 2019. “

The trucks are equipped with a 205 kg LNG fuel tank for a range of up to 1,000 km and I-Shift gearbox. That is a great progression for Father. Peter Appel Transport has some experience with LNG transport. “LNG 1.0 was manual, actually a step back in time. That caused resistance among drivers. Volvo I-Shift significantly improves driving comfort for drivers. After all, they are already busy enough with road and other road users. ” Source: Volvo Trucks Netherlands

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