IVECO Argentina begins delivery of its largest order for CNG trucks in South America

IVECO, a brand belonging to CNH Industrial and a pioneer in the marketing and manufacture of vehicles powered by alternative fuels in Argentina, begins the historical delivery of 100 Stralis NP Cursor 13 units powered by CNG (compressed natural gas) to NRG Argentina S.A., a fracture sand supplier for the oil and gas industry.

"We initiated a great truck delivery, and we are happy to continue to create strategic alliances. NRG Argentina S.A is a company with great commitment to sustainability and IVECO has more than 20 years of experience in the development of gas-powered trucks in Europe, knowledge that was extrapolated to its state-of-the-art truck factory located in Córdoba that provides an unbeatable option to take care of the environment and ensure the profitability of our client" , argued Márcio Querichelli, Head of IVECO in South America.

The first delivery consists of 10 units that will include maintenance contracts that the brand offers through its entire network of dealers. NRG Argentina S.A. will be assisted in the development of an exclusive care and maintenance center within the base of operations that the company owns in Río Negro.

"We are proud to begin delivering trucks to NRG Argentina S.A., a company that is committed to the environment and sustainability. This is only the beginning of a great story for IVECO and for the development of alternative energies in Argentine transport. This is a major milestone and a paradigm break for carriers, who now have a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option," said Francisco Spasaro, Commercial Director of IVECO in Argentina.

NRG Argentina S.A. is a company that offers strategic services to the oil and gas industry, such as natural sand and ultralight synthetic agent. It is the first integrated company in the O&G sector, as it also it provides last mile and location management services. The company carries out a triple-impact strategy that focuses both on achieving successful business results and considering the environment in which it operates and the responsible use of resources.

"The delivery of these trucks is very important for NRG Argentina as they are the first units of a total of 100 that allow us to offer the last mile service taking into account both the excellence in the execution of the tasks for our customers and the care of the environment, since these CNG powered units reduce emissions of toxic and greenhouse gases. In this way, we are moving forward in the implementation of our triple-impact strategy by considering both the economic, social and environmental aspects," said César Goercio, CEO of NRG Argentina S.A.

The new vehicles acquired by the Company based in the Province of Rio Negro have the latest technology, and their design and equipment are superior than those of their diesel equivalents with an additional benefit of up to 50% reduction in the cost of fuel. They have an AS440S46T/P 6x2 configuration and a gas emissions that reduces NOx up to 90% , 99% particulates and up to 95% carbon dioxide when biomethane is used as fuel.

These trucks have a PIEK Certification that guarantees noise levels below 71dB, AEBS brake technology, hydraulic retarder, ESP and rear axle air suspension, ready for scalability.

Argentina is rapidly increasing the gasification of heavy-duty vehicles since the publication, last year of the NAG 451 regulation by the Natural Gas national regulatory authority ENARGAS that allowed the import of Natural Gas HDVs for the first time. There are currently close to 100 CNG and LNG units. ENARGAS is about to publish the next regulation NAG 452 which allows and regulates the manufacture of Natural Gas HDVs by local OEMs.

NAG 451 and 452 are the result of a very healthy and positive collaboration between the Public Sector, represented by ENARGAS, the Department of Energy, and several Ministries and the Private Sector, with participation of HDV manufacturers, the sector's trade association, and the Natural gas Industry. Global Gas Mobility is very proud and happy to have provided support to the OEMs since the beginning, and to continue to do so.

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