Over the Alps with LNG. 12 Iveco Stralis for FERCAM

FERCAM, the international logistics service provider headquartered in Bolzano, Italy, is expanding its fleet by 12 Iveco Stralis with LNG, for operations between Verona and Munich.

For more sustainability in transport, the family-owned company is gradually replacing the diesel fleet with 460 hp LNG vehicles. The launch of the new fleet was the completion of the first LNG filling station in Sterzing last fall, which for the first time secured refueling along the Brenner axis.

According to the manufacturer Iveco, the emission levels of LNG trucks are 60% lower for NOx and even 99% lower for diesel particulates. A natural gas-powered engine is also much quieter than a diesel engine. In particular, at night, the use of a liquefied gas fleet would reduce the noise pollution along the main traffic routes by 50%.

"I am convinced that environmental pollution can be significantly reduced by innovative technologies such as LNG. This alternative fuel for trucks is an immediate and sustainable solution for busy transit routes, such as the Brenner and other transalpine routes. As the new twelve Iveco LNG vehicles in the sensitive Alpine region meet environmental requirements, the Fercam officials are calling for a relaxation or exemption from the ban on night driving through Tyrol.

"This could represent an effective investment incentive for sustainable transport fleet investment for the entire Brenner-crossing transport industry."  "In addition to safety and reliability in transport, industry and trade are placing increasing emphasis on low emissions as part of their environmental balances," reports Fercam President Thomas Baumgartner.

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