PUH EXPORT-IMPORT Adam Lipiński-Poland adds 30 IVECO S-WAY LNG

The international logistics operator, PUH EXPORT-IMPORT Adam Lipiński based in Sierpc, Poland, has expanded its heavy vehicle fleet with the newest IVECO S-WAY Natural Power vehicles with a capacity of 460 HP, powered exclusively with natural gas (LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas) and equipped with two cryogenic tanks with a capacity of 460 l (194 kg) each, providing a total range of up to 1,600 kilometers on one refueling

In total, the transport company from Sierpc already has 50 IVECO tractors powered by natural gas, these are IVECO Stralis LNG models and the latest IVECO S-WAY LNG. At present, the carrier uses a total of 170 IVECO tractor units. 20 IVECO Stralis LNG were delivered some months ago. See the news here

The official handover of the last batch of 19 IVECO S-WAY NP 460 LNG vehicles, out of 30 ordered tractors, took place at the premises of the IVECO TNC dealer in Lubicz. Among the received vehicles there are 20 IVECO S-WAY Low Tractor version, 10 Standard version, 5 of which are equipped with an ADR package for the transport of dangerous goods. In addition, it is worth mentioning the extensive equipment, including: parking air conditioning, hydraulic retarder, full LED lighting, PREMIUM refrigerators, satellite navigation and aluminum rims. Of course, the board could not miss the modern HI-TRONIX gearbox and HI-CRUISE assistance systems, which are undoubtedly the advantages of the modern IVECO S-WAY.

30 modern S-WAYs received the 2XL Live service package including, among others, towing, battery service, Assistance Non Stop and operational service with a full warranty for the entire vehicle for a period of 60 months.

The official handover of the vehicles was preceded by professional training of the carrier's drivers conducted by the coach of the IVECO Driving Academy. It included not only learning the technique of economical driving, but also the operation of the IVECO HI-CRUISE GPS system with integrated driving aids such as Eco-Roll and predictive shift control and cruise control, using the latest GPS mapping technology. Learning about the modern IVECO S-WAY communication system will allow drivers to maximize the availability and efficiency of the vehicle, thanks to the use of remote assistance service and wireless software update and diagnostics. Remote assistance is the intervention of the IVECO Control Room when the system detects potential faults that may occur in the near future. The system will also inform the driver about the necessity to visit the service. Thanks to this, it will avoid unplanned stops.

During the signing of the contract, representatives of the parties were present: Mr. Adam Lipiński - the owner of PUH EXPORT-IMPORT with drivers and representatives of the IVECO brand, Mr. Daniel Wolszczak - General Director of IVECO Poland, Mr. Piotr Kowalski - Direct Sales Manager of IVECO Poland, Mr. Robert Ryczywolski - Key Account Manager of IVECO Poland and Mr. Rafał Kotalewicz - IVECO Driving Academy.

Daniel Wolszczak, General Director of IVECO Poland , said: "We have been cooperating with PUH Export-Import Adam Lipiński for many years of cooperation. It was the company of Mr. Adam Lipiński as one of the first in Poland that decided to use IVECO vehicles powered by LNG. Thank you to PUH EXPORT-IMPORT Adam Lipiński for trust in natural gas technology and commitment to the development of sustainable transport in Poland. "

Adam Lipiński, the owner of PUH EXPORT-IMPORT Adam Lipiński , said: "IVECO natural gas-powered tractors have proved their worth in our transport tasks. Placing an order for more units was a matter of time. These are not only very comfortable and modern vehicles, which our drivers appreciate very much, but also extremely economical and ecological tractors, with very highly advanced technology, which we also use to manage the IVECO vehicle fleet in our company. The new IVECO S-WAY LNG is already going to the roads of Western Europe and fulfilling the tasks assigned to them ".

The new IVECO S-WAY Natural Power builds on the outstanding performance of the brand's heavy range of vehicles, further reducing particulate, NOx and CO2 emissions. Being true to its heritage, it combines low total cost of ownership with low emissions.

For logistics operators wishing to run a "green" fleet, the IVECO S-WAY Natural Power remains the only natural gas truck with a range of up to 1,600 km with an engine power of 460 hp . This vehicle allows them to enjoy all the benefits of natural gas - the only one available hand low carbon alternatives to oil in the segment long. NG provides particulate emissions by 99% lower than the gas oil and 90% of lower emissions of NO 2 . for this, when using the bio-methane, CO 2 is lower by 95%.

Source: CNH Industrial

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