55 CNG Buses for Aguascalientes, Mexico

55 natural gas buses were put in service in Aguascalientes with the goal of improving the environmental conditions in the city. The vehicles will reduce emission by one thousand tons of pollutants per year, said the State Secretary for Sustainability, Environment and Water (SSMAA).

Alfredo Alonso Ruiz Esparza, head of the agency, said that these units set a precedent for migrating to clean technology systems, and will help in fighting against climate change and improving the environment.

With the introduction of more urban units, the plan is to achieve savings of three thousand tons of pollutants per year, so he asked the public to make greater use of the public transport system in order to enhance the reduction of pollutant emissions. He indicated that the 550 urban bus units mobilize on average 230,000 people a day, which means that the more you use the system of public transport, the greater savings of emissions of particulate matter is generated. 

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