GLS adds 120 IVECO S-WAY LNG and Bio-LNG trucks

GLS, one of the leading express couriers in Italy, upgrades its fleet with a greater focus on environmental sustainability. As a result of its partnership with IVECO, 120 new IVECO S-WAY LNG and Bio-LNG powered vehicles will be added to its fleet.

The new IVECO S-WAY trucks  will replace a diesel vehicle fleet made up of 70% Euro VI vehicles and 30% Euro V vehicles; the replacement will have a significantly positive impact on the environment: using fossil methane will result in a reduction of CO2 amounting to -7300 tons, which would be equivalent to replacing 745 diesel vehicles with electric ones powered by 100% renewable energy, or planting 146,000 trees covering an area comparable to 487 football fields. With biomethane, this value increases exponentially, achieving a CO2 reduction of -78,000 tons, which is the equivalent of 8000 fewer cars or 1.5 million trees planted occupying an area equivalent to more than 5000 football fields.

This initiative is part of GLS's broader Climate Protect Project, which aims to offset 100% of the emissions it produces by 2022 through certified offset programs and significantly reduce emissions by 2025 by using eco-friendly transportation systems, with electric/hybrid tractions for last-mile transport and tractions for long distance missions.

This ambitious new project with IVECO is part of our broader strategy to ensure at least 20-25% of our fleet is equipped with low environmental impact traction by 2022 and 45-50% by 2025," states Klaus Schaedle, Group Area Managing Director at GLS – “We believe that Bio-LNG technology can have a profound impact in our industry by helping to reduce emissions by up to 95%, and for this reason we are moving quickly and with determination in this direction with IVECO's support."

Fabrizio Buffa, IVECO Italy Market Alternative Propulsions Manager, says “The commitment of GLS's supply chain is a strong testimony to the historical change that the transport sector is currently undergoing, which is increasingly virtuous and sustainable. We are honoured to partner GLS in their mission. Biomethane has both environmental and economic advantages, it can be produced locally through a process that generates valuable by-products, such as bio-CO2 which can be reused in the food industry and biofertiliser which can be used in the agricultural sector. IVECO vehicles powered by biomethane are therefore the solution of the present for the future of our planet.”


Source: CNHI

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