Snam4Mobility & Avis sign agreement to promote sustainable Gas Mobility

Snam4Mobility , the Snam company for sustainable mobility, and Avis Budget Group , a world leader in providing mobility solutions, have launched an innovative collaboration aimed at promoting the energy transition in the freight transport sector throughout Italy by leveraging natural gas and biomethane, alternative fuels capable of reducing pollution and CO2 emissions compared to traditional fuels. 

"With this collaboration - explained Daniele Lucà , Senior Vice President of Mobility Solutions and Services at Snam4Mobility - we intend to contribute to reduce emission in freight transport and in particular in last mile logistics. Together with Avis Budget Group, we aim to encourage the adoption of natural gas and compressed biomethane vehicles together with innovative solutions for refueling in a private context, with the aim of improving air quality in cities by exploiting efficient and ecological technologies ".

"Avis Budget Group has long been committed to contributing to the creation of a more sustainable transport ecosystem - said Rita Rossi , General Manager Avis Budget Group in Italy -. In addition to a fleet of Euro 6d cars, in recent years we have introduced hybrid and electric vehicles in our fleets to reduce their environmental impact. This partnership with Snam4Mobility now allows us to take a further step forward to ensure that our mobility solutions, even for commercial purposes, are less and less polluting ".

By virtue of the collaboration with Snam4Mobility, and also thanks to the commercial agreement with RD Mobility, the largest concessionaire in Europe of the CNH Industrial Group and Stellantis, Avis Budget Group aims to offer customers, through its AmicoBlu brand dedicated to the rental of professional vehicles, CNG (compressed natural gas) and Bio-CNG powered vehicles for last mile deliveries. The first AmicoBlu CNG and Bio-CNG vans have already been on the road for a few days. The emissions savings associated with using these new vans instead of diesel models are estimated at -33% CO 2 emissions , -75% nitrogen oxides and -97% fine dust.

Snam4Mobility and Avis Budget Group also intend to collaborate in the synergistic promotion of eco-sustainable natural gas and biomethane freight transport services also thanks to the innovative FuelMaker compressors produced by Cubogas , a subsidiary of Snam4Mobility, and intended for the refueling of commercial vehicles and cars in a private context. The goal is to provide customers with smart refueling solutions adapted to different mobility needs, including professional ones related to the last mile.

With a single FuelMaker, the customer can refuel, directly in the company, from one to four vehicles at the same time during a working day, or at night, when the vehicles are at rest, being able to manage and monitor refueling operations via the app . Thanks to the connectivity, the customer or fleet manager will be able to manage the activation of the FuelMaker compressor, the control of the refueling status and the diagnostics and request remote support from Cubogas technicians.


Source: SNAM

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