New LNG catamaran in service in The Netherlands

The new LNG catamaran of Rederij Doeksen shipping company, the ms Willem de Vlamingh, was officially put into service on Tuesday 26 January. The first passenger service trip departed at 15:05 from Harlingen in northern Netherlands to Terschelling island.

With this, the ship follows sister ship Willem Barentsz, which went into operation on July last year. The two ships are the first (single fuel) LNG ferries in the Netherlands, with single fuel LNG engines directly driving rudder propellers with fixed propellers. The ships are deployed on the ferry connection to Vlieland and Terschelling.

Dirk Spoor, director of Rederij Doeksen: “The construction process has been long and bumpy, not least because of the corona crisis, but now that we are finalizing this extensive project, we can proudly say that it has delivered two fantastic ships: two efficient, lightweight, low-emission LNG catamarans with an interior with facilities that contribute to our guests' island experience. ”

The introduction of this new LNG ferry concept, combined with heat recovery, more efficient hull lines, lightweight construction, solar panels means a significant reduction in harmful emissions: -10% CO2, -90% nitrogen oxides (NOx), -100% sulfur oxides (SOx), - 95% fine dust. The shipping company has the ambition to progressively mix the LNG with bio LNG or LBG as soon as this becomes sufficiently available. This can further reduce CO2 emissions.

The new-build project actively contributes to the theme 'Sustainable development of ports and energy transition' from the Pioneer Program Waddenfonds 2012-2013. The Wadden Fund awarded Rederij Doeksen a subsidy of € 1,207,500 for this project.

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