40 IVECO S-WAY NP LNG for Trasporti Lilliu SRL, in Sardinia

The vehicles will be used to make deliveries to large-scale distribution to the main stores in Sardinia.

The order includes a first batch of 20 vehicles that have been delivered by Acentrass VI,  the IVECO dealer, on the Ichnusa dock in Cagliari. The project also includes the opening of an LNG station at the Macchiareddu site, which will represent a fundamental strength for the fueling of heavy vehicles.

The vehicles, model AS440S46T / P 2 LNG, are equipped with Euro VI step D, Eco-fleet, IVECO HI-CRUISE, Hill Holder, Living Comfort Plus, Premium Style, Full Led and Driving Comfort Plus calibration. The IVECO S-WAY NP contribute in protecting the environment thanks to their green footprint and allow environmental protection without negative effects on the highly advantageous TCO.

Alessandro Oitana, IVECO Italy Market Medium & Heavy Business Line Manager , said: “ It is an honor for us to be able to contribute to spreading a message of sustainability with our 40 IVECO S-WAY NPs at Trasporti Lilliu, with whom we share the same road towards an increasingly green transport. Transporters are enthusiastically adopting the natural gas alternative, a beneficial proposition for the environment, the economy and the entire sector. In fact, with the inclusion of 40 NP vehicles in its fleet, Trasporti Lilliu will achieve a significant reduction in emissions and pollutants, as envisaged by the European agenda, but being able, nevertheless, to count on the comfort and connectivity services of our vehicles ".

Massimo Lilliu, owner of Trasporti Lilliu , commented: “ We chose IVECO because it is at the forefront of liquid natural gas and has been investing for several years in this type of alternative fuel. IVECO has shown us that it has cutting-edge knowledge on the subject and that it is significantly projected towards respect for the environment. It was the first commercial vehicle manufacturer to understand the potential of natural gas by developing a full range of trucks powered by this alternative fuel. These new technology heavy vehicles have shown us to be efficient both in terms of fuel consumption and performance on the road ”.

Trasporti Lilliu Srl was born from the commitment of its founder, Luigi Lilliu, who since the early 70s has been covering distribution throughout the region. Over the years, the company has also established itself in intermodal transport nationally and internationally, thanks to the commitment made by his son, Massimo Lilliu and, in 2015, Trasporti Lilliu moved to the new headquarters in Macchiareddu (CA). The company deals with various sectors of road transport and logistics, paying particular attention to the food distribution and large-scale distribution market.

The delivery of the first 20 IVECO S-WAY NPs was managed by Acentrass VI, the historic IVECO dealer based in Cagliari which offers companies global solutions, from light and heavy transport to buses, up to construction and earthmoving machinery.

Source IVECO Lombardia Truck

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