5 New bio-CNG Iveco trucks for LIDL Italy

Lidl is the first Italian company in the distribution sector to use biomethane for the transport of goods. Five Iveco Stralis NP trucks powered by this renewable fuel are at the logistics center of Somaglia (Lodi). The vehicles were built in collaboration, between Iveco, with LC3 Trasporti and Edison, the latter being in turn the first company authorized by the GSE to collect and sell biomethane.

With biomethane, Lidl, Iveco, LC3 Trasporti and Edison, manage to reduce CO2 emissions by 95% and life cycle emissions are significantly lower than other types of fuel. The new Iveco Stralis NP 460CV CNG trucks will be used to supply Lidl points of sale in Northern Italy. "We are very proud to be the first Italian company to use the brand new biomethane powered vehicles - says Pietro Rocchi, Lidl Italia Sales and Logistics. It is, he specifies," a fuel that promotes an economic model based on sustainability and circularity of resources".

A choice made possible thanks to the collaboration of Iveco, which "sensed  that the path to sustainable transport comes through alternative tractions and has responded to the increasingly pressing requests in this direction with natural gas vehicles (gaseous and liquefied) "- said Alessandro Oitana, Iveco Medium & Heavy Business Line Manager - .

"Much remains to be done in terms of biomethane production plants, in storage, liquefaction and widespread distribution plants - comments Mario Ambrogi, managing director of the LC3 Trasporti Group - LC3, however, confirms its commitment and reliance on biomethane as confirmed also by its partners IVECO, Lidl, Edison ". "We are proud - underlines Davide Macor, Edison Business Market Director - to announce today a further step forward in the large-scale distribution model, thanks to the responsible and joint commitment of all operators in the chain.

Edison supplies methane to more than 200 refueling throughout Italy ".


Source: ANSA

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