Polish Post operates its first SCANIA LNG truck

The first Scania LNG powered truck is being tested  by Poczta Polska (Polish Post) on the Lublin-Warsaw-Lublin route. This is another step towards eco-friendly vehicles for the company.

The tractor is an R410 LNG Highline unit, powered by liquid natural gas and tested in typical postal use. It is expected to be a way to combine performance and "green" character. The Scania provides a range of up to 1,300 kilometers, which should be sufficient for domestic transport. At the same time, natural gas was recognized in Poland as an ecological fuel, admissible in the "Clean Transport Zones" being prepared.

"According to the strategy, Poczta Polska focuses on the development of logistics services. Each year, we transport over 1.8 billion mail and over 1 million pallet shipments. Forecasts show that in subsequent years volumes will grow. At the same time, preparing to enter the so-called "Zones of Clean Transport" The Post Office, like other logistics companies, analyzes the market of both electric and alternative fuels in advance, in order to gain experience and how to best prepare for fleet replacement" said Jerzy Garycki, Managing Director of the Postal Operations Division

"At Scania, we take sustainable development very seriously, as a task for here and now. By optimizing transport and mobility in a smart way, using not only alternative fuels, but also digitization and automation, we can reduce waste in transport and take care of the environment. Scania is much more than products and services, it is comprehensive, sustainable transport solutions" commented Paweł Paluch, director of marketing and communication at Scania Polska SA

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