Scania gas-powered refuse trucks – growing market

NNRD uses Scania CNG trucks

The Northern Netherlands Cleaning Service, (NNRD), has recently deployed two Scania CNG trucks for the collection of industrial and construction and demolition waste. This way NNRD makes the fleet more sustainable. Driving on natural gas (CNG) ensures quieter vehicles and less CO2 emissions. Moreover, the gas that is being refueled comes from the company's own waste stream that processes it.

The requirements for reduction of CO2 in the tender for the new Municipality of Noard East Fryslân were matched by the CNG units which also met NNRD's sustainability policy. Even more as the company now has its own waste processing. At their regular waste processor, the gas is added to the grid and can therefore run on its own gas. That completes the circle and that is of course the ideal situation.

Ekonovus, Vilnius waste management company  has invested in a compressed gas Scania L 340 refuse truck.

Ekonovus plans to invest in more Scania low-entry trucks for deployment across the country. “The first gas refuse trucks will serve Vilnius and Klaipeda residents,” says Ekonovus’ CEO Romas Draskinis. “We will later invest in more trucks for more cities.”

The Scania L 340 has a body with a crane and compactor for emptying Molok waste containers, which partially lie underground. During the emptying process, the lid is removed, and a lifting bag is pulled from the well. After positioning the bag over the compactor, the bottom of the bag opens, and the content is released.

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